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Happn Privacy policy

Refreshed on: 05/25/2018

1. Preparing administrator

The information gathered is prepared by SAS HAPPN with a capital of 36 486,44€ enlisted under the number 535 217 723 at the Paris RCS. Its central command are situated at 8 regret du Sentier 75002 Paris, France, and the organization is spoken to by its CEO, Mr. Didier Rappaport.

HAPPN is extremely worried about the security of your own information and the regard of your protection. This protection strategy (alongside our report on the utilization of treats and our terms of administration and whatever other record that references it) is intended to advise you in transit we process the individual information you share with us and that we gather when you utilize the Application and Services. We welcome you to deliberately peruse this record to more readily see how we process your own information, and to know your rights.

This Privacy Policy is material to all Services made by HAPPN that you use (except for administrations provided and worked by outsiders, in which case, their security approach applies).

2. The data we gather

Your utilization of our Services makes it likely that we gather and process information important to the best possible working of the Application and to the supply of the Services. It tends to be data you share with us specifically, or information we gather consequently.

2.1 Data you share straightforwardly

When you utilize our Services, you are required to share some data, some of which may serve to distinguish you. When you convey this data, you acknowledge that some of it will be obvious to alternate Members of the Application, and consequently be made open on the Application. With an end goal to enable you to recognize this data effectively, it is motioned as “open” beneath. HAPPN can’t be held obligated for information distributed on its stage and revealed by a Member. Be that as it may, the data not set apart as Public won’t be unmistakable or available by different Members.

The data you share contains the accompanying information:

Enrollment information: this is the essential information that is important for you to enlist and access our Services. This information is gathered by HAPPN from Facebook, by means of Facebook Connect, to improve the procedure. When you tap on “Facebook Connect”, you let Facebook share this information with us. This character information is:

Your photograph (open): this is, in any event, your open Facebook profile picture. You at that point have the choice of expelling this photograph and additionally adding different photographs to your Account from your Facebook account or cell phone.

Your birthdate (private): just your age, as concluded from the birthday, will be obvious to different individuals. You can likewise shroud your age by buying in to an alternative.

Your sexual orientation (open)

Your first name (open)

Your last name (private)

Sharing this data is compulsory. On the off chance that you don’t share it, happn won’t have the capacity to supply the Services offered in the Application and you won’t have the capacity to make a record.

You may add extra data to enhance your Profile. This data is discretionary, shared at your very own attentiveness, and is your sole obligation. You can add this data specifically to your Profile on the Application as well as through Facebook Connect by syncing your Account with Facebook. This information is:

Data on your profession (open) like your activity or training.

Your interests (open) like your own inclinations, leisure activities, Facebook companions list enabling you to see conceivable companions in like manner on the Application.

Your email address (private). The Member focuses on ensuring the location gathered from Facebook Connect is substantial and additionally to change it to ease interchanges with HAPPN.

Your cell phone number (private)

Your profile portrayal (open): If you might want to, you can share extra data about you in the space accommodated this reason. This data will be noticeable to HAPPN Members. HAPPN does not urge Members to share information that can be seen as delicate with other Member, or with HAPPN through the Application. Touchy information alludes to information that is lawfully qualified as “delicate” by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). All the more particularly, it incorporates data on race or ethnicity, political suppositions, religious or philosophical convictions or connection with an association, alongside data on wellbeing, sexual life or sexual inclinations (“Sensitive Data”). On the off chance that a Member chooses to share such data on his/her profile notwithstanding, it is esteemed to have been “unmistakably made open” by the Member who shared it, as per the GDPR.

Information on your connections with HAPPN: we may request that you offer, or you might be in a circumstance where you have to give us data, for instance when you contact our client or bolster administrations, report an issue with our administrations, request help, practice your own information rights, or partake in a promotion, amusement, challenge, wager, or review, when you share your involvement with our administrations, give declarations, or answer one of our surveys.

2.2 Data we gather consequently

When you utilize our administrations and highlights, we gather data with respect to your action on the Application:

Action information: when you get to our Services and utilize the Application and its highlights, information in transit you utilize them might be gathered and prepared. All the more particularly, this incorporates your enlistment date, last association, the sort and number of communications with different Members (like the “Hello there”, Likes, intersections, and Crushes), with the outsider records associated with your Account (like Spotify, Instagram), or the quantity of exchanges performed (obtaining credits or subscription(s)).

Area Data (geolocation): the Application’s principle esteem and design is to enable Members to discover different Members they have run into to encourage virtual or potentially genuine meet ups. You will be requested to approve the gathering and preparing of your area information to enable HAPPN to recognize your intersection focuses with different Members who consented to be geolocated. The intersection focuses let HAPPN demonstrate you profiles of Members you have run into and who meet your pursuit criteria. These intersection focuses can be shown as a newsfeed or as a guide.


HAPPN can, in the event that you purposely concur, get to your position, approximatively or all the more definitely relying upon the innovation you utilize. HAPPN does not reproduce the developments as well as schedules of its Members, and might want to advise you that it just continues crossing areas between Members. The correct position or the agenda of a Member is never accessible to alternate Members.

You are allowed to pull back your assent whenever and debilitate your cell phone’s geolocation alternative. In the event that you do as such, your newsfeed will never again be refreshed, and your won’t be capable see who you have encountered subsequent to impairing the geolocation choice.

Exchange Data: HAPPN does not gather or process any bank information. Apple’s App Store, Google’s Play Store and Microsoft’s Windows Phone Store have selected to shun sending certain composes information to versatile applications, which incorporates any keeping money and monetary data. This information is gathered and handled exclusively by the above stages, and HAPPN does not have the alternative of changing this installment strategy. The main data traded among HAPPN and Apple’s App Store, Google’s Play Store, or Microsoft’s Windows Phone Store is specialized information that doesn’t enable us to recognize you (for instance, an exchange number), which serves to affirm exchanges.

Information on the utilization of the informing administration: sent messages are put away on HAPPN’s servers solely, to give the Service to permit Members having a Crush to have a discussion. Messages and voice notes are entirely private and just embroil the Members included. HAPPN’s approved administrators don’t hold or exercise any rights to see these discussions, aside from in instances of legal demand, and additionally in consistence with authoritative or managerial airs. Furthermore, Messages are entirely private and are not open to different Members not engaged with the discussion, nor to any outsider.

Hunt inclinations information: The Application gives you a chance to set look inclinations for age and sexual orientation. You can change these settings in the Application and indicate the age extend and, in the wake of consenting to HAPPN gathering and handling your information, the sexual orientation of individuals you are searching for, so you can be coordinated solely with profiles you ran into and who meet your pursuit criteria. You will then just observe the Members you’ve run into and who share your inquiry inclinations on your newsfeed.

Gadget and gear information: we gather data from the gadgets and hardware you use to get to our Services, including server logs, which may contain data like IP addresses, rendition of the application, portable model, versatile ID, dialect utilized, working framework, application accidents, and ad ID. HAPPN can’t get to its Members’ program history. Information might be gathered with treats: to take in more about this, it would be ideal if you see our archive on the Use of Cookies.

3. How we utilize the information gathered

The information gathered by HAPPN enables us to give the Services and ensure the Application is running easily, which it is legally committed to do, in temperance of the agreement awaiting us with the Members (Terms of Service). Your information is consequently handled for the accompanying purposes:

Making and dealing with your Member Account (counting overseeing access to the Services and the client or bolster administrations);

Geolocating to propose Profiles of Members you have run into;

Overseeing and putting away messages traded between Members;

Sending data messages in regards to the Services or your collaborations with different Members (notices);

Sending happn or accomplice bulletins alongside messages or showcasing or publicizing content by happn or by its accomplices.

The information gathered is additionally important to HAPPN satisfying its real advantages (enhancing and improving its administrations, alongside picking up a superior learning of its Members and the manners by which they utilize the Services) and enable the organization to run factual examinations, fulfillment reviews, and promoting investigations identifying with the utilization of the Application and Services by the Members.

As the information preparing depends on the agree of Members to have their information handled, they can pull back it whenever; withdrawal of the assent does not influence preparing did before the withdrawal.

HAPPN may process Members’ own information because of a legitimate demand (court order, court arrange, or something like that) or to agree to its lawful, administrative, legal, or authoritative commitments.

In conclusion, HAPPN can process your own information to reveal or avoid fake exercises or ruptures to the Service’s security, in consistence with the law, or investigate reports of Members showing a conduct breaking the Terms of Service.

4. How information is shared

Just certain HAPPN representatives from the client or bolster benefits, and approved administrators process Members’ own information for the reasons depicted previously. These workers and approved supervisors just approach the information important to play out their obligations.

HAPPN may likewise go into concurrences with confirmed and solid specialist co-ops and accomplices, who may get to or potentially process Members’ own information, in consistence with the Privacy Policy, and keeping in mind that guaranteeing the wellbeing and protection of the Members’ own information. These specialist co-ops and accomplices enable us to run and enhance our Services, particularly concerning information facilitating, overviews, investigations and measurements, the utilization or potentially appropriate working of the Application, and giving the vital help to Members, promoting and notice to send offers, messages, and pertinent substance to HAPPN Members.

A Member’s own information set apart as “open” in article 2 above and that shows up on his/her profile, is noticeable to different Members he/she encounters and who have perfect pursuit inclinations.

HAPPN may forward a few information to an open body, in the event that it is asked for to do as such, to consent to any legal or lawful demand.

In conclusion, we might be required to share your information for the reasons for a corporate task, which incorporate, however isn’t restricted to, a rebuilding, an adjustment responsible for the organization, a merger, a securing, an exchange, or an end of the organization.


5. Review of a Member’s rights

In consistence with the French Data Protection Act of January sixth, 1978 (Loi Informatique et Libertés), and the GDPR, each Member has a privilege to get to, amend, and a privilege to information compactness and expulsion of his/her own information, alongside a privilege to challenge or point of confinement preparing of his/her own information, and the privilege to settle on the best approach to deal with the individual information after his/her demise. With an end goal to address its Members’ worries, HAPPN focuses on regarding the assurance of individual information and to process asks for at the earliest opportunity. A Member can practice his/her rights, allowed he/she can demonstrate his/her character, by sending a letter or email to support@happn.com or by practicing his/her rights straightforwardly on the Application.

For some other case, the Member may hold up a case with the national specialist in charge of the security of information.

The privilege to get to enables a Member to approach HAPPN for information relating to him/her in an available organization, in light of Article 39 of the French Data Protection Act (Loi Informatique et Libertés), and article 15 of the GDPR.

The privilege to remedy allows a Member the privilege to request HAPPN revises, adds to, updates or expels any close to home information on him/her that is incorrect, inadequate, uncertain, obsolete, or whose utilization, correspondence or capacity is disallowed dependent on Article 40 of the French Data Protection Act (Loi Informatique et Libertés), and article 16 of the GDPR. You can adjust or redress your data straightforwardly on the Application. You simply need to go on your profile and roll out improvements straightforwardly in the areas “My photographs”, “Profession and Education (Job, Company, University)”, and “About me”. To change your first name, age, or sex, go to your Facebook page and refresh the “About me – contact and essential data” area of your profile.

The privilege to information compactness gives a Member the privilege to get the individual information he/she provided for HAPPN, in an organized, generally utilized arrangement, intelligible on a machine, and to forward them to another preparing element, in consistence with article 20 of the GDPR.

The privilege to challenge allows a Member the privilege to challenge, for nothing out of pocket and at his/her very own carefulness, the utilization of his/her information by HAPPN for prospection, particularly business, and to the handling dependent on HAPPN’s authentic enthusiasm, in consistence with Article 38 of the French Data Protection Act (Loi Informatique et Libertés), and article 21 of the GDPR.

The privilege to erase awards a Member the privilege to request the evacuation, for nothing out of pocket and at his/her own tact, of the information transmitted to HAPPN, inside the points of confinement of the rights dependent on article 17 of the GDPR. You can erase your record utilizing the relating highlight on the Application.

The privilege for the Member to set the rules for the maintenance, cancellation and correspondence of his/her own information after his/her passing, in consistence Article 40-1 of the French Data Protection Act (Loi Informatique et Libertés).

These rights may just be practiced inside the points of confinement of HAPPN’s assets as it identifies with its utilization of Facebook Connect. A portion of the information is sent to HAPPN by Facebook Connect and can’t be rectified without Facebook’s help.

The Member can likewise correct a large portion of his/her own information, at his/her own drive, on the Application itself.

6. Capacity of the information

HAPPN will store the Member’s information for whatever length of time that required all together for the Member to utilize his/her Account, to be specific:

For the length of the Member’s enlistment, in addition to one year;

For the length of the answering, to process a provide details regarding fake conduct;

For a long time when the record is suspended, in consistence with article 16.4 of the Terms of Service;

For 13 months for treats, in consistence with legitimate arrangements (see the report on our Use of Cookies).

Besides, if it’s not too much trouble take note of that as per its status as a facilitating supplier, HAPPN has a lawful commitment to hold a portion of its Members’ own information for a time of one year dependent on Article 6, II of the French Trust in the Digital Economy Act (Loi pour la Confiance dans l’économie Numérique) of 21 June 2004.

HAPPN attempts to bend over backward and to contribute all methods available to its to ensure that the put away information is as secure as could be expected under the circumstances. In any case, it is the Member’s obligation to take suitable measures to ensure his/her information.

HAPPN will not gather information from minors. Should a Member lie about his/her date of birth, and especially on the off chance that he/she deceitfully claims to be more than 18 years old, the guardians of the minor being referred to ought to illuminate HAPPN of this by sending an email to the location made reference to in article 9, asking for the information to be erased. HAPPN focuses on erasing all information on the minor being referred to at the earliest opportunity.

7. Exchange of Personal Data outside the EU

While enrolling, the Member explicitly agrees to his/her information being transmitted to HAPPN’s specialist organizations and subcontractors outside the European Union, to give HAPPN a chance to run factual investigations, bolster individuals, and if require be, have information prepared by the Application.

HAPPN ensures that the exchanges are made under conditions guaranteeing the secrecy and security of the information and giving a sufficient level of insurance in consistence with directions (outstandingly the precedents of authoritative statements given by the European Commission)

8. Treats

To take in more, read our archive on the Use of Cookies on our site.

9. Contact

On the off chance that you have any inquiries with respect to this security arrangement, or some other demand concerning your own information, you can get in touch with us:

by filling the contact shape on HAPPN’s site (www.happn.com) or specifically on the Application

by sending an email to our contact email address support@happn.com.

by sending a letter to the accompanying location: For the Representative for information insurance – 8 regret du Sentier 75002 Paris – France.

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