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The dating application Happn

The dating application Happn does not satisfy its guarantees to hush up about client information. A survey by the Norwegian Consumer Council demonstrates that there are clear errors between the applications terms and what really happens when buyers utilize the application.

Happn brands itself in Apple App Store and Google Play as «100 percent safe and confidential», and ensures not to impart information or client character to different gatherings. Tragically the dating application does not satisfy its guarantees:

“happn submits never to impart your points of interest to some other part or with any outsider. Your email address and your genuine personality are entirely secret and will never be revealed by happn. ”

A specialized investigation performed by the exploration foundation SINTEF in the interest of the Consumer Council demonstrates that key client information is shared as often as possible with the following firm UpSight. Data from clients’ Facebook accounts, for example, name, age, working environment and sexual orientation are likewise shared when utilizing the application.

With in excess of 10 million clients, the French application Happn guarantees in their terms that clients can erase their very own record and that the administration erases client information when this occurs. Tragically this isn’t the situation.

The specialized test demonstrates that Happn does not erase all treats when the application is uninstalled. The outcome is that clients can’t for all time evacuate the application or erase data about themselves.

– Happn’s endeavors to make the terms easy to understand is of little record, as long as they don’t satisfy what they guarantee, says Finn Myrstad.

Applications ought to up their diversion

Amid this winter, the Consumer Council will perform comparable application tests checking how customer rights and security specifics are taken care of, and will present a general report before Easter.

To utilize applications you regularly need to

acknowledge that:

you postpone key security

the application tracks you – notwithstanding when it isn’t being used

actually identifiable information can be exchanged

terms may change whenever without notice

the application can end your record at its sole descretion

– The motivation behind our application battle isn’t to alarm the clients, however bring issues to light of what shoppers are consenting to on the web. We additionally need to put weight on applications to apply more shopper well disposed arrangements, finished up Finn Myrstad.

– We will ask Data Protection Authorities in both Norway and France to investigate to this case at the earliest opportunity.

Updated: 14 November 2018 — 08:07

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